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If you do not wish to receive job notifications, you have two options:

  1. turning off job alerts: they will not be deleted, just temporarily suspended, you can restart receiving them anytime;
  2. unsubscribing from job alerts: delete alerts from your account permanently. You can unsubscribe via your user account and by contacting our customer support.

Once you unsubscribe, our system will not send you any more job alerts, only if you set up a new one. If you just turn off job alerts, you can turn them back on later, but we will not send job alerts to your email address until you do.

Our database includes new job openings every day. For you not to miss any good job opportunities, notifications are sent every day.  The frequency of notifications cannot be set in your account.

It is set by our system automatically based on how often you view the notifications.  If the rate of opened notifications is getting lower, you will automatically receive fewer notifications (one every three days, one every week, one every fortnight, depending on how many you open).


Job alerts are created based on your filters and browsing habits.  Job alerts are sent by email or on your phone as push notifications.

If the job alerts you receive are irrelevant, please check the job alert settings in your account.

Job alerts are created based on information and criteria provided by you. To set or change the configuration parameters, please log in to your account.

Setting these criteria is simple. All you have to do is choose one from predefined settings that suits you best.  This is how we want to assist you in making your settings as accurate as possible.

The parameters to set are the following:

  • job title or professional skills,
  • job location,
  • education and experience,
  • language skills,
  • employment type,
  • working type.

There are two types of job alerts:

  1. job alerts created by you,
  2. job alerts created automatically.

Job alerts can be created automatically in the following way:

  • at the time of registration, based on the data provided;
  • at the time of the first application (without registration), based on the position you have applied for;
  • or if you have no job alerts set, and you apply for or save an advertisement. In this case, the notification is created based on the details of the ad you have applied for or saved.