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Content reporting and redress

Any illegal content – e.g. job advertisement, text reviews (including the response to it), CV profile, company page content – can be reported on the interface by selecting the appropriate icons and indicating the reason(s) next to the content (or via e-mail to ugyfelszolgalat@profession.hu address).

In case of detection of illegal user content (e.g. infringing resume, review), job seeker users can also file a report.


The content shall be deemed illegal if:

  • violates the law in itself (e.g. a defamatory);
  • refers to a violation of the law (e.g. fraud);
  • infringes the General Terms and Conditions (e.g. discriminative ad or commercial content).
  • infringes the Terms of Use (e.g. pornographic resume);
  • infringes the Review Regulations (e.g. obscene review).

Investigation process and legal remedy:

  • Decision: We will examine the report and inform the complainant of its results. If illegal content is detected, it will be deleted and the publisher will also be informed about the deletion/restriction of access to the content.
  • Legal remedy at the service provider: Against the decision, it is possible to lodge a complaint within 6 months, i.e. to request a repeat inspection. The request can be submitted to the e-mail address ugyfelszolgalat@profession.hu, indicating the e-mail address, history, and the specific reason for the legal remedy (why you do not agree with the decision). We will inform the person submitting the complaint about the decision and, if the original decision is amended, also the person who published the content.

A review of the legal remedy decision can be requested at an out-of-court dispute resolution body, court or authority as follows:

  • Out-of-court dispute resolution body: A customer in a contractual relationship with the service provider can turn to the Online Platform Dispute Resolution Board in order to resolve a dispute arising in connection with the EU regulation on digital services. The condition for starting the procedure is that you attempt to settle the dispute directly with the service provider, and that you exhaust the possibility of internal legal remedies. On the website of the National Media and Communications Authority are available the other out-of-court dispute resolution bodies with additional powers, their contact details and the subject areas they can act on.
  • Initiation of authority proceeding: If the decision regarding the content reported as illegal does not comply with the rules of the EU regulation on digital services, and it is not changed within the framework of the legal remedy, a general official supervision procedure can be initiated at the National Media and Communications Authority.
  • Initiation of court proceeding: You can initiate legal proceedings against the decision/remedial decision related to the content reported as illegal.
Content reporting and redress

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