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Creative services

Profession.hu can assist you in promoting your company’s events, improving your employer branding or enhancing the efficiency of your publicity. Our creative solutions are at your service.

Display advertisements

  • Banners are visual (photo or video) advertisements on Profession.hu’s home page and list pages. When someone clicks the banner, they will be directed to your job advertisement or your company’s home page, hence delivering your message to more jobseekers.
  • Banners are available in several format for desktop and mobile operating systems.

Email campaign for filtered database

  • Profession.hu chooses the most relevant target group for you from its employee pool using one of the most efficient marketing tools, email campaign.
  • Your message will be delivered to users who meet your criteria, and have given consent to receiving job offers via email.

Unique advertisements

  • The Profession.hu website is home to thousands of job advertisements. A unique job advertisement can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Not only do unique advertisements improve your company’s image, they also serve the specific purposes of recruiting.

PR article publication

  • Get in touch with Profession.hu’s visitors through our pages and social media channels. Use unique content for communication, and enhance your professional and employer’s credibility.
  • Using an employer branding strategy you can make your company more attractive to employees.
  • Relevant market-related content can boost your professional reputation.
  • It can back up your job ad during a bigger recruitment campaign.

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Creative services

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